Booking Terms and Conditions

Crazy Knights Booking Terms and Conditions   – ‘the small print’
to be read, understood and retained by the client. 
If you have any questions, please ask.
1 Our acceptance of this form and deposit confirms booking and should be received within 20 days of initial contact, or as agreed.
2 A normal booking would allow for the band to play for a maximum of approximately 2 hours, with a break.  If an event is due to end at midnight please don’t expect us to start at 7.30! Times and durations can be negotiated against these guide lines.
3 The client is to provide a suitable performing area. Unless otherwise agreed, the client must provide an electrical supply meeting, or exceeding british standards. For any outdoor events suitable dry cover must be provided. If in the event the staging is waterlogged and unsafe to perform the band will not be held accountable and not be made to set up and perform. The full fee will still be due.
4 The band will assume that all venues comply with usual safety regulations and the venue or organisers hold public liability insurance unless notified otherwise.
5. Sound limiters & volume
5.1        The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be as the Client reasonably requires should the Client request such an adjustment.  
5.2        The band cannot guarantee the quality of its performance should the volume be reduced below the level of any unamplified drum kit and/or backline instruments.  
5.3        The band cannot be held responsible for non-performance in circumstances where a sound limiter is set so low that live music performance is not possible for an Artist of its type.
6 The band requires easy access to venue from vehicles and sufficient time and space to set up. Ideally at least 90 minutes and, where possible, before guests arrive. We know that this isn’t always possible.
7    The band supplies its own stage-lighting – but organisers must ensure sufficient venue lighting for safety and atmosphere. In some venues the organiser will need to obtain details of lighting in advance
8  The band request reasonable refreshments to be provided during the engagement, including a hot meal (including 1 vegan meal) and drinks.  Please let us know if this will not be possible.
9  The band agrees that if a standard performer is unavailable the Artist shall use the services of a deputy performer of commensurate quality rather than cancel the booking.
10   The band will supply PA and lighting equipment suitable for an enclosed audience of approx. 150-200 people.  If more equipment is required, the client should notify the band at the earliest opportunity. Any additional equipment will be chargable.
11 When describing the event above please let us know if it is private invitation, or open to public. We may be able to help advertise and sell tickets etc.
12 All of the band’s equipment is PAT tested and we are covered by Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000
13.1 It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. The Client must be responsible for all guests and their actions and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the the band’s equipment or personnel belongings, caused by guests attending the event.
13.2 No violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances will be tolerated, and the band reserve the right to terminate the performance at any time if any personal safety is under threat. The band does not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. The Client will be advised of any problems arising in this respect with any guests.
14 Free Parking should be available to the Artist and all vehicles associated with the Artist. If no free parking is available the Client is liable to cover these costs. Receipts and an invoice are to be presented to the Client within 7 days, with the amount payable within a further 7 days.
Deposits are non-refundable.
The client reserves the right to cancel a contract agreement, however the following charges will apply. 
0-30 Days from engagement 100% of the remaining balance
31-60 Days from engagement 75% of the remaining balance
61-90 Days from engagement 50% of the remaining balance
91+ Days (Deposit Fee Only) 
The above cancellation fees are an important part of our agreement and are accepted by the client on receipt of our contract. All cancellation fees must be paid within 10 days of cancelling the engagement.
You agree that you are of the legally acceptable age to enter into this contract.  It is agreed and understood by both parties to this agreement that in the event of any dispute, this contract shall be interpreted under and according to the laws of England.
The band reserve the right to decline to perform in the event of any reason beyond our control including, but not limited to, illness, detention resulting from inability to obtain reasonable modes of transportation, strike, lock out, war, fire, serious or dangerous weather conditions, national calamity, Acts of God, Order of the Local and/or National Government or Local licensing or Health Authority, actual or threatened riots or civil disorder or any reason including, but not limited to, faulty or insufficient electrical power, inadequate or unsafe staging, inadequate crash barrier, rain penetration or any other dangerous condition which, in the opinion of the Artist, may result in damage to the band’s equipment or danger or injury to the band, any of our staff, or any other persons.  In any such event, neither party hereto shall be entitled to make any claim against the other party for non-fulfilment of any outstanding obligations yet to be performed on the part of such other party.

17 We realise that the last one was pretty heavy going!  Please be reassured that we will do everything within our powers to be there, perform, and give you a performance to remember. 

SMILE – It’s The Crazy Knights!!