The Croft Business Park

commerce in comfort

Built in 1920 as a cottage with the Great North Road passing by the front gate. In 1960 it was purchased along with 10 acres of land by a leading Leeds brewery proprietor. The land was cultivated as a market garden and had many greenhouses. with peacocks strutting through the elaborate gardens.

In the mid 80s CES (Computerised Engineering Services Ltd) rejuvenated what
was a 3000 sq ft residential property into offices, balancing the needs of
an office environment with the existing charm of a countryside house.


With further industrial and commercial development in the Wetherby area CES expanded the facilities to 7000 sq ft yet retaining the original charm of the building and surroundings.

It's main appeal is it's convenient location for the road system and the town of Wetherby. The Croft is an enviable place to work being a unique combination of commerce and relaxing scenery.
2009 The Croft Business Park